Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Yamaha FZ6 Modifications to Consider, Part 1

As an owner of a new Yamaha FZ6 motorcycle, I find myself facing a world of after-market accessories and modifications that can enhance both the looks and performance of my bike. Over the next few posts, I'll list a number of options I've come across and give a little description of each. Eventually I'll be putting some of the best candidates to the test on my own FZ6. But first, let's explore the options. Keep in mind that virtually anything can be done to a motorcycle, but I'll list the most main-stream items here, just to keep it simple. Also, I'll take each one of these in turn and produce a more in-depth analysis.
  • Exhaust - There are a number of options available in the exhaust arena. The key here is to find a nice balance of looks, performance, weight, and sound. Right now I'm leaning toward the Akrapovic exhaust system. From the videos I've seen, it sounds nice (not excessively loud), and gives a nice performance increase while also being one of the lightest. Some exhausts are rated for track use only and are loud enough to draw the attention of local law enforcement. I'd like to steer clear of that if possible.
  • Windscreen - The stock Yamaha FZ6 windscreen is fairly small and, for the riding position, doesn't really flow the air over the rider. The wind mostly hits at about chest level. There are a couple of options to change this. Yamaha offers a larger, touring windscreen, that is a bit larger and is designed to flow air higher up and over the rider. Another company called Puig offers a racing windscreen that has a "double bubble" design that, even though it's not much larger than the stock windscreen, pushes air up and over the rider. I personally like this option as it lends an additional dimension to the bike, and they are available in a variety of looks including black, smoke, and clear.
  • Seat - One of the aspects about the Yamaha FZ6 that I do NOT like is the seat. For some reason, I just don't like the way it looks. The seat is comfortable enough, I suppose I'm just used to the R6 seat that has two levels and seems more sporty. Again, Yamaha has an after-market offering, but it is considered a "comfort" seat, and doesn't look much different than the original. I don't need extra comfort, just extra awesomeness. The website has a great selection of custom seats for the FZ6. The one pictured to the right is much more my style. It's got more dimension and style than the factory seat, and I'm sure I'll be getting one eventually.
Stay tuned to my Yamaha FZ6 Modifications to Consider series as I'll be taking a look at the following items:
  • Grips
  • Levers
  • Rearsets
  • FE kit
  • Mirrors
  • Turn signals
  • Brake lines
  • Brake pads
  • Frame Sliders
  • Air Filter
After this series, I'll go in-depth with each of these Yamaha FZ6 modifications to see what exactly is out there and what people think about them.


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